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The mini keg system is a fantastic concept.  These really do save time and effort.  

The keg is primed with sugar, the same as bottling, at a rate of 15 - 20g(max).  The tap assembly uses a dip tube that pushes down through the rubber bung, sealing as it goes.  When the pressure from the priming sugar is used up, a 16g gas bulb takes over to finish the keg off.  The gas bulb sits inside the handle of the tap and comes complete with a regulating valve so you can shut the gas off.  A single bulb will serve an average of two to three kegs along with the priming sugar.

These kegs easily fit into a conventional fridge if you like your beers chilled.  You can buy all the parts as spares, so you can even reuse shop bought kegs of the same size.  Each keg holds 5 litres of beer.

Included in the kit is the following:-

1 x Party Star Deluxe Tap

5 x 16g Gas Bulbs

3 x 5 Litre stainless mini kegs

3 x rubber bung and shrive

1 x dip tube.

Brewers verdict - great idea and works well.

Starter Kit
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