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House of Beaverdale, the UK’s original and best selling all grape juice wine kit, offers a choice of wines available in either 6 bottle or 30 bottle packs.  All kits come complete so all you need to do is add water.  These wines will improve with keeping, but within a week of making, you will be delighted with the finished taste.

2808 Cabernet Sauvignon
No stock available
2845 Cabernet Shiraz
No stock available
2810 Merlot
No stock available
2824 Nebbiola £12.75  Qty req: 
2844 Pinot Noir £12.75  Qty req: 
2836 Shiraz £12.75  Qty req: 
2846 Vieux Chateau Du Roi £12.75  Qty req: 
2812 Rojo Tinto
No stock available

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