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Customer Beers

Beers brewed by Copper Kettle customers. If you have one you would like to send us, please use our contact form.

Northern Brewer

This kit is available as an All Grain Mash Kit.

23 Litres,  26 EBC,  40 EBU,  OG 1.048,  4.8% ABV.


4500g Maris Otter Pale Malt

150g Crystal Malt

35g Chocolate Malt

250g Torrefied Wheat


31g Northern Brewer (10.5 aa %) 90 minutes

23g Styrian Goldings Bobeck (4.5 aa %) 10 minutes

23g Goldings (4.5 aa %) Flame out

1 x Protofloc Tablet 15 minutes

1 x Packet Nottingham Ale Yeast



Golden Cornbine

This recipe is available as an All Grain Mash Kit.

23 Litres,  10 EBC,  36 EBU,  4.5 % ABV.


4554Kg Maris Otter Pale Malt

138g Crystal Malt


55g Fuggles 90 Mins boil

14g Dried Elderflower 15 Mins boil

18g Challenger 10 Mins boil

14g Challenger Flame Out


1 x Protofloc Tablet 15 mins boil

1 x Windsor Ale Yeast


London Pride

London Pride, by Stressed Dada

Recipe taken from the internet

4100g Maris Otter Pale Malt

400g Crystal Malt

1 and 1/4 tsp of Brewers Caramel


14g Target - 90 minutes

8g Challenger - 90 minutes

8g Nothdown - 90 minutes

10g Goldings - 10 minutes

Nottingham yeast was subbed for Wyeast 1968 ESB yeast.

5g Irish Moss (1 x protofloc tablet can be used)


A very nice drink, not a million miles away from the real thing, would have been more realistic if Wyeast 1968 yeast was used.  Did not last very long at all.


Lager and Lime?

The recipe for this Lager was taken initially from Dave Lines book, Brewing Beers Like Those You Buy.  It started life out as the Stella Artois clone, but the grain bill was increased by 20% and the Hop schedule was reduced by 20%.  The late addition hops were subbed for Styrian Goldings, which gave the resulting Lager a lovely citrussy hit on the tongue.  The yeast used to ferment this Lager was a clone from a smack pack 2007 Budvar strain.  The fermentation was carried out over nearly 3 weeks under temp controlled conditions at 13c.  Then further left to clear for another 4 weeks before being racked to bottles and a corny.  The lager in the picture is from a corny served at 13c.

23 Litres

4600g Lager Malt

575g Wheat Malt

Mash for 90 minutes at 66c.


48g Hallertau Hersbrucker - 90 minutes boil

48g Saaz - 90 minutes boil


15g Styrian Goldings Bobeck - 15 minutes boil


1 x Protofloc Tablet

2007 Budvar Liquid Yeast


Old Peculiar

Old Peculiar

Brewed by KellBrew


This is the result from one of the full mash kits as sold on here.  Brewed with Nottingham Ale yeast.  For someone who has only been brewing AG for a few months, this is a cracker of a pint.

This is served from a bottle and has an amazing, lasting head that laces the glass just right as its drunk.  The usual flavours associated with Old Peculiar are all present.




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