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So simple to make, simply make the base alcohol from either distilling (where legal) or from a Spirit Base Kit, and top up your favourite liqueur.  The liqueur kits are in the form of a 750ml spirit bottle, containing the extract to make a superb quality liqueur. Sold separately or a multi box containing one of each, avalable in the following flavours:-


Black Sambuca

Cherry Brandy

Coconut Rum

Hunters Herb Schnapps

Irish Cream


Amaretto 750ml Bottle £3.25  Qty req: 
Black Sambuca 750ml Bottle £3.25  Qty req: 
Cherry Brandy 750ml Bottle
No stock available
Coconut Rum 750ml Bottle £3.25  Qty req: 
Herb Schnapps 750ml Bottle £3.25  Qty req: 
Irish Cream 750ml Bottle £3.25  Qty req: 
Mississippi £3.25  Qty req: 
Mixed Box £20.00  Qty req: 

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